Jeff Tully Burroughs High pitcher Brent Fekety would...

August 07, 2004

Jeff Tully

Burroughs High pitcher Brent Fekety would like nothing more than to

stand on the mound at San Francisco's SBC Park, zero in on batter

Barry Bonds, deliver a pitch and try to get one by the Giants'


Although Fekety won't get a chance to face the prolific home-run

hitter any time soon, he will get the opportunity to pitch in Bonds'


home stadium, when the Indian hurler takes part in an event next


Fekety, a senior, has been invited to compete in the 2004 Diamond

King Elite World Series Monday through Wednesday at SBC Park.

The event will involve six teams comprised of players from high

schools throughout the nation. The athletes earned the opportunity to

compete in the World Series after performing well in a series of

showcases conducted by Diamond King in June and July.

Diamond King is an organization that holds various clinics,

showcases and games throughout the year, in an attempt to expose high

school players -- and show their skills -- to major-league scouts and

college coaches.

Fekety said the opportunity to play in a major-league park is

something that will mean a lot to him.

"I am really looking forward to pitching in that park," he said.

"Just to have the opportunity to play in a major-league stadium is


"But I can't get caught up in all the excitement when I take the

mound to pitch. I have to just concentrate on what I'm doing and try

and block everything else out."

Fekety will play for the Southern California team, which has a

definite Foothill-League flavor. Also competing on the team are

pitcher Casey Mulligan, second baseman Armando Gallardo and

outfielder Nick Margis from Valencia High, as well as third baseman

Travis Babin from Saugus High.

Players from 13 states and Ontario, Canada, will suit up for a

series of games over three days.

"There will be some very good players," Fekety said. "I'll just go

out there and do my best."

Fekety has spent most of his summer playing for the Burroughs team

in the Valley Invitational Baseball League. However, the right-hander

took some time to compete in a Diamond King showcase July 20-22 at

Lake Elsinore Diamond, home of the Storm, the single-A affiliate of

the San Diego Padres.

At the showcase, the 6-foot, 180-pound Fekety was timed and graded

on his running speed, pitching, throwing from the outfield and


And the right-hander didn't disappoint.

His finest effort came in the 60-yard dash, when Fekety was laser

timed at 6.55 seconds, which was the fastest mark of any athlete at

the showcase.

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