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Safety most important issue with airports

August 18, 2004

After I read about the airport's proposed agreement between the

parties, I thought the 10-year period on the prohibition of building

a new terminal was a stretch. Ten years is a long time.

Despite this guarantee, it still stirred the wrath of the

anti-expansion troops. Several well-written, erudite letters implied

the airport would find a way around the agreement. The conspiracy

theorists are on the march. Can't they even agree on a reasonable


negotiated contract? No, they can't. They remind me of Ralph Nader --

single-minded, narrowly focused and uncompromising. It's their way or

the highway.

To me, safety is the most important factor in the operation of an

airport. I wouldn't delay for one minute, certainly not 10 years, to

build a new high tech, modern facility to protect the neighbors who

live around the airport.

But unless I overlooked it, not one of the naysayers mentioned it

in their letters. Safety can be a matter of life and death.

The FAA is subsidizing the installation of insulation for certain

homes in the area adjoining the airport. There will be money allotted

for traffic control in the main arteries entering the area. There is

a voluntary agreement on the limitation of the landing and exiting of

planes during the hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. There are quieter Stage

3 engines being utilized on commercial planes.

Not a bad record by the airport for accommodation to the citizens

of Burbank.



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