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Council sets fees for park permits

September 18, 2004

Mark R. Madler

The city will begin enforcing its new policy of requiring permits for

commercial activity in the parks Oct. 4.

The City Council adopted the guidelines Tuesday night to be used

in determining what commercial activity will be allowed and setting a

fee schedule for the permits. The council is still working out an

appeals process for the applicants.


Park, Recreation and Community Services Department Director Eric

Hansen said Friday he knew of only one permit application having been

taken, but it had not been returned.

The fees for commercial use would range from $20 for groups of one

to 25 people, to $240 for groups of 500 or more to use public lands

for a two-hour period. For each additional hour, commercial groups

would pay $10 to $120 depending on the number of people involved.

The guidelines for issuing a permit include whether the requested

location and time are appropriate for the activity; whether the

activity is consistent with recreational use typically permitted in

park facilities; whether the use overburdens city resources; and

whether the activity is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

Commercial activities that will fall under the permits are tennis

instructors using park courts, people selling clothes out of their

vehicles in Bryce Canyon, and people setting up "moonbounce" rides

and charging children to go inside.

The council adopted in May an ordinance requiring permits for

commercial use of public property. The ordinance went into effect in

early July, although the council suspended enforcement for 90 days to

allow permit guidelines and a fee schedule to be drawn up.

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