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Pickwick owners seek help with history

September 22, 2004


Many of us who grew up in Burbank remember spending the summers

swimming at the Pickwick pool.

In an effort to preserve memories for their family's posterity,

current owners Carole and Ed Stavert are on a quest to find

photographs and information on Pickwick's past, prior to when their

family purchased the facility in 1953.


The family changed the name to Pickwick Gardens three or four

years ago from Pickwick Recreation Center. When the Stavert family

purchased it, it was called the Pickwick Swim Park. The only things

on the property then were the swimming pool and a mobile home park.

Later, the ice skating rink, bowling alley and restaurant, Five

Horseman Inn, were added, Carole said.

"The restaurant was called that because there were five original

owners," she said.

Today the ice rink remains. The pool was filled in during the

mid-1980s and planted with lush gardens, a romantic place for

weddings and serene locale for seminars and conventions. Carole and

Ed and their son, Ronald Stavert, continue the business that even

employs their grandchildren.

As the family is celebrating 51 years of ownership, Carole said

they are seeking the community's help in finding out more about the

facility prior to 1953.

She wants to know where the name Pickwick came from and who the

original owners of the pool park were.

"So many people stop by and tell us that they grew up at the pool

and many world champion skaters have trained here," she said, adding

it would be a shame for that information to be lost forever.

If you can provide this information, call Carole at 845-5300, ext.

120, or mail information/pictures to her at 1001 Riverside Drive,

Burbank, CA, 91506. Carole promises to return photographs loaned to



Burbank artist Lois Ramirez was invited to participate in the

"Summer Artist Series" at the Market Street Gallery in Lockport, N.Y.

The series is divided into three, one-month sessions. Three

different artists participated in each session. The 20 artworks that

she sent were from her "Number Series" and each are mixed media

collages measuring 16-by-16 inches. Some of the items contained in

them are old documents, drawings, fabric from a luggage rack, old

letters, marbleized paper, tickets and a ripped window shade.


Sean Alan Cutler has been named managing director of the Colony

Theatre Company. Cutler replaces Amanda Diamond, who has accepted the

director of finance position at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Barbara Beckley, producing director of the Colony, said Diamond's

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