Concert kicks off fundraising

October 06, 2004

Joyce Rudolph

Officials believe they made more than $20,000 at Saturday's concert

starring Josh Kelley at the Starlight Bowl and say they already have

other fundraisers in the works.

There were 2,300 tickets sold, and between 1,500 and 2,000 people

attended, said Michael Hastings, chairman of the Burbank Priority In

Education Foundation.


"We know we will probably net, all funds going directly to the

schools, north of $20,000 after bills are paid," he said.

The group believes the event successfully raised awareness of the

need for donations to local schools, he added.

"People are hesitant to give to a cause like this because they

believe they give enough by paying taxes," he said. "It's not an easy

thing to explain, but I think people are catching on. And if anything

is worth it, kids are worth it."

Hastings added the foundation's accounting books are open to

anyone who wants to see them, and funds will be used only for school


Joining Hollywood Records recording artist Kelley at the concert

were The Crosby Loggins Band and The BlueLight Band, of which

Hastings is the drummer. Also performing were the Burbank High School

Vocal Ensemble and the John Burroughs Power House Choir.

The foundation is preparing to launch its Curb Appeal campaign to

paint address numbers on curbs of residences. Travis Knowles, a John

Burroughs graduate and a member of the foundation, is chairman of the


In addition, the foundation is planning to start a website, like

EBay, where people can purchase items with funds benefiting Burbank

schools. Cathy Stevens is this committee's chairwoman.

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