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Schools get energetic donation

November 06, 2004

Jacqui Brown

Burbank Water and Power has donated $4,000 to the Burbank Unified

School District's 11 elementary schools to purchase books related to

renewable energy and environmental issues.

Sue Boegh, director of educational support services for the

district, said this will be a wonderful benefit for the schools.

"It fills an area that we're interested in," Boegh said.


"Conservation of energy is part of the state standard, and the

teachers are thrilled to have the materials to teach it."

Although there are many energy-based titles available for the

adult reader, there is little readily available material for the

younger reader, according to Boegh.

"There's a real need to have these titles, because they're not

something we have in our library purchases," Boegh said.

"Some of these topics on conservation are new topics to science

and solar power, so I think we are very lucky to be able to purchase

these books."

The titles "Energy Alternatives," "Fossil Fuel Power" and

"Hydroelectric Power" are among some of the 21 new titles to be added

at each school within the next few weeks.

Mary Forrest, senior conservation advisor for the BWP, was the

impetus behind donating the books to the district.

"We had some money available in our budget, so we decided, because

the district really pushes the students to read, to donate to the

schools," Forrest said. "If students have access to these books it

begins to plant the seed of awareness about environmental issues."

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