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He's not singing "cheers" for Dimples

June 08, 2005

drugs, lewd conduct and other alcohol-related problems regularly

occurring near the current Dimples. The argument made by Dimples was

that this conduct did not come from their patrons. Where does Dimples

think these intoxicated individuals are coming from at 2 a.m.,

McDonalds, the 99 Cent Only Store?

How could city leaders justify allowing such an inappropriate use

at this site? The City Council missed its opportunity to live up to


its oft-stated neighborhood protection concerns and redirect this

adult entertainment operation to a more appropriate location.

Mayor Jef Vander Borght's self-assurance that valet parking will

make this bar/nightclub more palatable and adequately insulate the

community was overly optimistic, simplistic and remains doubtful.

Councilman Todd Campbell was reassured enough to vote down the appeal

on the hope that city staff would be able to enforce all the 50-plus

conditions of approval. Then again, he lives across town and the

nightly partying does not gear up until after his bedtime.

Dimples certainly will not be disturbing Campbell's sleep!

Councilwoman Stacey Murphy expressed some very valid concerns about

parking inadequacies. Nonetheless, she gave Dimples the thumbs up.

So much for neighborhood protection! So much for the council's

repeated pronouncements of concerns for neighborhood protection that

consistently result in residents being less protected, more impacted

and their quality of life eroded in order to appease, accommodate and

entice favored businesses, developers, or other special interest


* DAVID W. GORDON is a resident of Burbank.

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