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Black Monday for Burbank Mayor Jef Vander Borght may...

June 18, 2005

a very nice letter about Dimples for the Burbank Leader but I needed

someone to tell me how to spell "karaoke." There was a brief silence,

then a chuckle, and then, "I don't know how to spell that [R-rated]

word." It took only a few seconds to tear-up my partially written

letter. By the way, I found the correct spelling in an advertisement

shirt catalog.




Can we get a little help on Cordova?

The Burbank Leader states that the City Council approved measures

Tuesday night to lessen parking in a residential neighborhood.

City staff members recommended expanding permit-only parking to

Lima, Cordova and Avon streets. Permit parking already exists on six

other streets in the neighborhood.

The only permit parking on Cordova is in the 800 and 900 blocks

near the Roosevelt Elementary School. We hope the expanding of

permit-only parking is for the 1000 block of Cordova as we have not

received any help with our parking problems. Other streets around us

all have at least two-hour parking restrictions.

Our block is used by employees for businesses on Hollywood Way and

Magnolia Boulevard for up to 10 or 12 hours each weekday, even though

they have parking behind their facilities. We cannot even park in

front of our own residences, and some will park partly into our

driveways making it difficult to get in our out of our garages.

The only parking relief we get is on Cordova Street each Tuesday

and Wednesday, when there is no parking from 8 to 10 a.m. for street




I'd have voted 'no' on airport

If the airport agreement had been put to a vote, I'd have voted

against it. The city is trying to force a larger airport -- whether

its size of terminal or the size of the property that the airport

controls -- down the throats of the citizens of Burbank who want zero

growth. That's why we voted for Measure B.



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