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The National Charity League Burbank Chapter had its Annual...

July 09, 2005

The National Charity League Burbank Chapter had its Annual Fashion

Show and Awards event at The Castaway. The chairwomen were Ruby

Aquino and Natalia Oliver.

As the theme was "Voyage Around the World," the 11th- and

12th-grade Ticktockers modeled clothing representing more than 30

countries. Chapter President Jamie Reeves welcomed members and master

of ceremonies and model instructor was Mae Ross from Macker



Gina Chantland, chapter hours and charms chairwoman, awarded the

following Ticktockers for volunteering throughout the year at the

philanthropies they support. Some of those are Burbank Temporary Aid

Center, Braille Institute, Child Share, Ahead With Horses and The

Boys and Girls Club of Burbank.

Those receiving the Hourglass Award for contributing 100 hours

over the obligated service were 12th-graders Rebecca Andreassen,

Lesley Aquino, Chantal Arellano, Carli Brooks, Stacy Hishinuma,

Natalita Oliver, Lauren Reeves and Elizabeth Tucker; 11th-graders

were Cassandra Baltazar, Olivia, Barragan, Corina Cardenas, Courtney

Korb, Alyssa Maskell and Tori Suarez.

Tenth-graders were Allyce Archie, Natasha Cristoffersen, Lauren

Hanna and Kristi Riley; ninth-graders were Kate Alley, Samantha

Carletta, Stephanie Chantland, Caitlyn Cwik and Hilary Khoury; and

eighth-graders Haley Hanna, Christine Horne, Alex O'Connor and

Danielle Rodriguez.

The Gold Rose Award, 100 hours beyond their obligation for six

years, was awarded to the following seniors: Lesley Aquino, Chantal

Arellano, Natalita Oliver, Rebecca Andreassen, Carli Brooks and

Lauren Reeves.

The Merci Award, for most hours completed for the current year,

was given to Natasha Christoffersen.

The Tyra Award was presented to Natalita Oliver, a senior who has

volunteered the most hours during her membership.

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