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Residents react to allegations

July 20, 2005

she is cleared of the charges she was been arrested on. There is a

clear conflict of interest, and any votes she makes could be

challenged in the future if she indeed is forced to resign.



Dear Councilwoman Murphy,

It is in the best American tradition to consider people innocent


until proven guilty, but after hearing and seeing many differing

opinions over the last several days, I must put in my two cents


Since the City Council is, essentially, a non-paid office (yes,

there is some reimbursement and honorariums), there is no salary

issue hanging in there.

It would thus probably be in the best interests of the city and

yourself, that you should step down from membership on the council in

order to concentrate your efforts in your defense, and since it would

be distracting, to say the least, from each and every council meeting

to have to defend yourself from the audience (which, to say the

least, is hostile).

This action would allow the remainder of the council and your

successor to comfortably conclude the business of the city free of

any distractions and any possible "taint," which, I am sure you know,

will now be brought up continuously until any trial or proceeding is

concluded (and beyond). The "taint" referred to is any suggestion of

"using the office" to avoid anything.

Since this situation has virtually destroyed any further political

aspirations you might have had, it will always be brought up

regardless of positive or negative outcome, why not exit graciously

and conserve your energies for what comes next.

May I suggest that the candidate from the last election (Michael

Bergfeld) with the next highest number of votes, be appointed to

serve either the full remaining term or until the next election (the

council can vote on this unless statute exists -- I don't know).

This would allow full concentration of our council on the various

issues that concern our city and allow your full concentration on

your individual issues and children without distractions.

Thank you for your services to the city.



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