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July 23, 2005

Joyce Rudolph

Veteran news reporter Cindy Dole is expanding her broadcasting career

while seasoning it with her secret love -- home improvement.

The Glendale resident debuted her new radio show "Home Wizards"

July 9 on KRLA-AM (870), which is also based in Glendale.

Serving as executive producer and host, Dole has been working on

the idea for the show for a couple of years.


"I spend a lot of my free time working on home improvement,

planning projects with my husband, and basically shopping for

inspirational ideas," she said.

Her husband, Bill Kane, is a veteran construction professional. He

sits in on the show offering his expertise.

"His role is to give us the inside look at construction, how to

navigate your way through a home improvement project, and when you

have to hire outside help," Dole said. "He gives the reality check to

the dream whether it's something you do on your own, or hire a

professional, and how much it will cost."

Dole came up with the idea for the radio show because she is a

huge fan of home improvement TV shows, like those on HGTV -- the Home

and Garden channel, she said.

"As somebody who works in radio and is an avid radio listener, I

saw a void and thought this could be a great service," she said. "It

would be terrific information and of entertainment value at the same


The time was right, with low-interest mortgages available, to add

a home improvement show to the radio station, said Bob Hastings, the

station's regional sales manager.

"Home improvement is the hottest category now," Hastings said. "We

have so many mortgage companies advertising with us and real estate

programs on the air -- it just makes sense."

And Dole and Kane make a solid team, he added.

"Cindy has a great voice and a great reputation in this

marketplace, and, combined with her husband, 'Been There Bill,' they

just bring a great consolidation of talent and knowledge," he said.

Guests also bring a lot of knowledge to each show, Dole said.

One of the guests for her first show was HGTV's Michael Payne,

host of "Designing for the Sexes." On his show, Payne works to create

living spaces that are conducive to couples, usually with different


"Michael discussed how to hire a designer, what to expect in

professionalism, and how to get a designer to work for you who is not

on their own page with their own agenda," Dole said.

Also on the show was Terry Morrill of California Waterscapes in La

Crescenta, who made suggestions for adding a pond to one's landscape.

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