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Creativity is number one industry

November 23, 2005|By By Vince Lovato

"Jack Kyser is the preeminent expert in the local economy, and based on the information and hard facts and on his opinions, the local economy is strong," Manoukian said. "More important is what he expected in the future and his analysis is that the strength in local economy is growing in Glendale, Burbank and the foothills."

Manoukian said the suspension of construction on Brand will keep the holiday retail season looking brighter.

"Some of the construction will stop at the end of November to give merchants some breathing room," he said.

"The Redevelopment Agency and council allotted $50,000 to promote businesses affected by that. All indications are that the economy is doing well and we're satisfied that it is."

As for affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity is unveiling four recently completed homes Saturday, Manoukian said.

"Providing affordable housing in any city is important and having a partner like Habitat for Humanity that can put all those resources together in a manner that is economic and efficient is a great achievement for the city," he said. "They complete their projects on time and on schedule."


Manoukian also understood Kyser's reference to creativity.

"A number of people are employed in the entertainment industry, and if you look at the need, it's out there," he said.

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