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Schools wracked with problems

January 14, 2006|By JEFF TULLY

tullyDrive by Burbank and Burroughs highs and it's hard not to be awed by beauty of the schools' new buildings.

Updated facilities and formidable structures make the schools look modern and appear to provide a fine place for young students to receive an education.

However, under the surface, the impressive facades hide the embarrassment of numerous problems, dangers and troubles that although not all viable to the casual passerby, have, nevertheless, surfaced since the schools were refurbished just a few years ago.


Unfortunately, sports facilities have not been immune from what many consider was poor planning, shoddy workmanship and a rush to finish the construction "on time and under budget."

From flooding on a baseball field, to a malfunctioning scoreboard, to problems with swimming pools and gymnasiums with broken portions, the schools have had to deal with many incontinences since getting their new facilities.

Highlighting some of the problems with the sports facilities illuminates the oversights and blunders that were mixed in with the plaster and concrete that went into the schools.

When the Burroughs campus experienced flooding recently after some moderate rains, a drainage system was devised to take water away from the school. The only problem is the water drains right onto the campus baseball field.

Even moderate runoff from a storm will make the field too soaked for any games.

The Burroughs pool facility has also seen its share of problems. When the venue was constructed, the planners failed to provide outside bathroom facilities for fans taking in aquatic contests.

That means when adults come to see swimming meets or water polo matches, they must enter the Indians' boys' or girls' locker rooms to use the facilities. Although a salacious incident between a teenager and an adult might not ever happen, it's not a good idea to mix swimsuit-clad kids and grown-ups in that type of situation.

The Indians also have had a problem with rain getting into some of the outside electronic equipment that runs the scoreboard on the pool deck.

One of the Burroughs facilities that has also had its share of headaches is the new state-of-the-art gym. Constructed adjacent to the old Bryan W. Hurst Gymnasium, it's not possible to run both the facilities' scoreboards at the same time. The new gym's scoreboard will flicker on and off and display garbled numbers when the one in the old gym is being used.

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