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Some observations along with traffic


March 01, 2006

Regarding "Baking up traffic trouble," Feb. 18, my observations are based on having for many years a weekly appointment at El Greco Hair Salon on Hollywood Way, which is now south of Porto's and very much affected by the parking problem.

Even before Porto's opened there the parking in the area was difficult.

1. If all the traffic in the alley behind Porto's is directed to leave the area via Cordova Street, a vast amount of traffic will be turning to the right and traveling by the Roosevelt Elementary School, which occupies about 2/3 of the east side of Cordova to the end of the block at Clark Street.

And those turning onto Cordova to the left will find a very short area before reaching Magnolia Boulevard and a boulevard stop sign to hang up on before being able to make their ways into Magnolia traffic pouring off of Hollywood Way as well as traffic continuing east on Magnolia Boulevard.


This will likely be a constantly blocked up area.

2. The alley that parallels Hollywood Way and runs into the alley behind Porto's' is used by the businesses on Hollywood Way and workers are busy in the alley loading or unloading trucks, which are coming and going on their business activities. Already Porto's traffic is affecting this alley also.

3. Porto's own parking area has been reduced by the planting of trees and cement spaces; in addition, the block walls around the refuse area impair the view of cars trying to turn onto the alley paralleling Magnolia Boulevard.

4. Porto's should not be allowed to set up a great number of tables on the sidewalk along Magnolia. If there is not enough room inside the place to eat they should serve "take out and take away," which would require limited use of parking spaces for people picking up food. It looks totally tacky to see all those people on the sidewalk eating with all the car fumes. And who is covering the liability on this area?



Burbank must embrace its talent

Regarding music lessons: Who in their right mind would object to the improvement of a person's mental being, young or old, via the instruction of this type? ("Council seeks music lesson conditions," Feb. 15). But this is a two-way street ? the instructions and the environment within which this takes place.

I have first-hand knowledge of the disturbance lessons can create in a neighborhood. Closed doors, windows, hearing aids removed, etc., there is no escape excepting the most ridiculous, "phone the police."

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