June 07, 2006

Students should be commended

So often these days we hear and read negative things about teenagers. Rarely does it make news when teenagers do something very positive.

Recently my wife and I witnessed one of those positive experiences. We attended "A Celebration of Friends" at Burroughs High School.


It was a fundraiser for one of the show choir members who had become seriously ill in April in New York City where Burroughs was competing in a national show choir competition ("Singing through the hardships," Saturday). He had to stay in the hospital for a month before he was allowed to go home. It was very costly for his family.

This was a wonderful, loving program put together by teenagers for a friend. Along with the Burroughs Jazz Band and Burroughs show choir members, a large group from Burbank High School, as well as students from Hart High School and Chula Vista High School performed.

Some of the Burroughs teachers joined in as Burroughs alumni Jen Oundjian and Brendan Jennings sang an original comedy number written by Dan Scoville, and math teacher Brian Kukan rocked the house singing a blues number with his band.

I think we should be very proud of our teenagers in Burbank. It was a moving experience to see students from Burroughs and Burbank, who usually compete against one another, join hands to help a choir member in need. We have some wonderful young people in our city.



RVs should be OKd in side yards

Regarding "Committee looks at RV parking limits," on May 17: what about all of the large trucks and SUVs and vans, which seem to always be parked right on the corner, so we have a problem seeing what is coming when we pull out onto the next street?

I am an RV owner (20 ft) and I do agree that they should not be parked on our city streets for long periods of time or within a certain amount of feet from the corners.

But what is wrong with one if it is parked in one's side yard on his personal property?

Have you seen some of the old rotting boats or rundown trailers parked in many yards?



Debate must tackle all things wheeled

This RV debate ("Committee looks at RV parking limits," May 17) seems to focus almost exclusively on motor homes, when motor homes are truly only part of the question.

Obviously, if there is to be a resolution of the competing claims of rights and privileges, it will not be a simple one.

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