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Apathetic Americans

Community Commentary

June 21, 2006|By Don Mazen

In response to the well-written editorial "Don't take democracy for granted," on June 10-11, the apathy that has infected American voters can be traced largely to what is happening in the U.S. political picture, which only gets gloomier and gloomier as the days pass and the voter turnout plummets.

I have to say with strong conviction that there are too many politicians who don't give a tinker's damn about the American people. These Washington, Sacramento and local "leaders" only represent themselves and their self-serving interests.

When they are elected to office and become entrenched in our political system, they become pawns for big business, other private organizations as well as political groups, trade unions, etc. ? and there's no way to get them out what with their financial payoffs, except for term limits.


It's a sad commentary, indeed, on what is happening, and continues to take place, in our country.

This November may be an exception, but what are the chances of a challenger with no source of the now-needed mountains of money being successful against an incumbent with all of his or her power avenues? The chances are as low as the credibility of the politicians I am talking about.

The newspaper and television coverage too many times tells of the accounts of bribery, fraud and other despicable law-breaking acts of some of our politicians, not only on the federal level but also in state and local government. It's no wonder the American voter feels betrayed.

I wish I could relate some good news. But as long as our frustrated voters refuse to carry out their citizen's responsibility, the picture of our democracy is only going to get worse. Meanwhile, life goes on and the politicians continue to make hay while leaving the voters in the dust, election or no election.

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