Vibrancy prompts move here

August 30, 2006|By Chris Wiebe

When Kanwar Anand and other Ketiv Technologies staff members were looking for a place to expand Burbank shot to the top of the list.

"We felt Burbank offered two things," said Anand, vice president of Ketiv. "One was it's centrally located for what we want to accomplish and the areas we want to cover. But, secondly, it seems to have a good vibrant quality to it."

Ketiv Technologies sells Autodesk software, which helps designers and engineers create computer models for everything from small consumer electronic devices to large-scale industrial machinery, said sales manager Tim Palmer, who is overseeing the Burbank expansion.


But beyond simply providing customers with a product, Ketiv also offers workshops and training seminars to acquaint beginning and advanced users with what the software has to offer, Anand said.

"A lot of people in this business will tend to just want to move boxes of software," he said. "We try to stay away from that. We try to develop long-standing relationships with customers and you need the foundation to be able to develop those relationships."

Ketiv moved to Burbank in June while celebrating its 20th year in Southern California, Anand said. With clients from San Diego to Bakersfield, company officials wanted to move beyond their Orange County headquarters to better serve customers in the northern end of their client base, he said.

"[The company] recognized the need to be in the north Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley area, where we could better meet the commitments and needs our customers, whether it's from a sales standpoint, training or customer support." he said.

In addition to paid training classes, free workshops are provided to acquaint participants with the capabilities of the software, marketing manager Erin Spinney said.

Computer modeling tools are attractive to designers because they often shorten the time between having an idea for a product and releasing that product out on the market, Palmer said. Constructing real life models, which can be expensive and time consuming, is no longer a requisite part of the manufacturing process.

"This software eliminates the need to go through a build-prototype situation," he said. "[Designers] can do it all on the software and go straight to manufacturing."

Since opening its Burbank office, Ketiv has already added local customers to its client roster, Anand said.

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