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Burbank City Council Meeting Preview

September 23, 2006


The following items will be discussed at Tuesday's council meeting:


The City Council will listen to a report from the Public Works Department regarding the final environmental impact report for the city of Los Angeles' Glendale-Burbank Interceptor Sewer alignment.


The proposed route would tunnel through parts of Burbank, which has irked many residents.


Burbank Public Works officials have already disclosed preliminary comments on the document, saying that Los Angeles Public Works Department officials did not completely abandon the "hybrid" alignment that would run from Barham Boulevard on Forest Lawn Drive beneath Pass Avenue to Riverside Drive. But the officials backed off on two key points of the plan that were of particular concern to Burbank residents: the proposed plan would keep both maintenance holes and shaft sites out of Burbank.

No action will be taken.


The council will consider a report on the legality of allowing members of the public to run video campaign spots for a particular candidate during City Council meetings.

The issue emerged during a discussion that referenced the campaign of City Councilman David Gordon, during which some of Gordon's supporters played campaign commercials at two council meetings. Some members of the council argued that political campaigning during city meetings is an inappropriate use of the city's time and money.

The City Attorney's office has recommended that the council adopt a resolution prohibiting the public from running video tapes during public comment periods at council meetings.

One of the arguments is that the public may only make comments on matters that are subject to the council's jurisdiction. Since the council does not determine city elections, the matter would fall outside the council's purveyance.

However, some argue that limiting public comment period is a violation of free speech rights.


Council will likely direct the city attorney's office to draft an ordinance banning the use of video campaign spots during public meetings.

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