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September 23, 2006

You have long worked together to train your neighborhood how to safely interact, but how will the addition of outside bicyclists, unfamiliar with the safest way to approach and pass a horse, affect both riders and the animal?

Come visit our neighborhood for a couple of hours, you will soon understand. It is not about a potential increase of crime, it is about how the encouragement of bicyclists will affect traffic patterns and the risks associated to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Let's take a lesson from what we know now and not risk the future.



Added congestion real bike path issue

I want to say that I'm against the proposed bike route going through our neighborhood streets ("Residents object to bike path," Sept. 16). I think the issue would be the congestion and the problems that could cause, more than the crime factor.


For the most part, the residential streets in Burbank are fairly quiet and calm. I think that bikes going by all the time would make it feel less serene. Besides the fact that the residents would have to be ever so diligent in watching out for bikers coming around parked cars. Also, the children who are out playing would have to be supervised all that more carefully due to bikers flying through the streets.

I do believe there would be a higher risk of crime.

For the police chief to compare the Chandler Bikeway, as it is, with the new proposed bikeway is ridiculous. The Chandler Bikeway is used primarily by the residents in the immediate neighborhoods. I walk it everyday and have become very familiar with a lot of the neighbors I see. Extending this into the area of the Los Angeles River bike path would bring a whole different crowd into our neighborhoods. Many of whom might just be looking for homes that are vacated for a time, such as vacationers, etc., or young children playing without great supervision.

I hope those making the decision will consider this carefully, for the sake and safety of all the neighbors in our beautiful, serene Burbank.



Merchants deserve thanks for support

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. Throughout the month, students will have their name entered in a drawing each time they use their Burbank Public Library card.

Several local merchants have joined in support, and offer a discount to customers who present their Burbank library card.

I'd like to thank Gourmet 88, Romancing the Bean (on San Fernando Road), NYPD Pizza, Rocky's Fish & Poultry, Togo's (Alameda Avenue at San Fernando Boulevard), and Riverside Café for their support, and ask Burbank residents to patronize these establishments.

When you stop in, be sure to thank them for supporting libraries, literacy and learning.


Sun Valley

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cappocchi is a library assistant with Programs & Publicity at the Burbank Public Library.

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