October 07, 2006

Lane would not be safe for cyclists

The Burbank Leader is on the wrong path regarding the proposed bike paths ("The city on the correct bike path," Sept. 30).

The paper failed to mention other objections our neighborhoods have to the proposed bike path — a potential increase in crime is the least of our worries.


We were told the city avoids placing traffic signals to two ends of the same street to discourage through traffic in residential neighborhoods, but that is exactly what they would do by moving the signal at Magnolia Boulevard and Reese Place, one block to Sparks Street. How much would it cost the city and state to uninstall the traffic signal at Reese and install it at Sparks?

Beachwood Drive is used by emergency vehicles, with the fire station at Beachwood and Verdugo Avenue. We do not think it is wise to direct bicyclists into the path of fire trucks racing to an emergency call. Recently, we have been having joggers from Aids Project Los Angeles using Beachwood while training for a upcoming marathon. These joggers do not have enough sense to get out of the street when a fire truck comes down the street with lights and siren on. When a bicyclist using the proposed path is struck by a fire truck, how much would that lawsuit cost the city?

In the proposal there would be a new traffic signal installed at Beachwood and Alameda (again at what cost?). This would put three traffic signals on Alameda within six blocks (at Mariposa Street, Beachwood and Reese). I can only imagine how this would effect traffic on Alameda. The city is unable to synchronize the many signals we now have here in Burbank.

Lastly, the Rancho portion of Beachwood is also a route used by emergency vehicles, but now we are introducing horses and the children at Mountain View Park into the bike-path mix. And once again, the city will be violating its own guideline of avoiding traffic signals at two ends of the same street. I am sure that the people racing up and down Alameda to Disney and other businesses in the media district would love this new shortcut through a residential neighborhood.

The consensus of our neighborhoods was that if this bike path would be for mostly residents, most residents could find their own way between Riverside Drive and Chandler Boulevard without the expense of the proposed bike path.



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