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Top 10 Stories Of The Year

December 30, 2006

8 Recreational vehicle owners swiftly joined Traffic and Transportation Committee discussions about potential changes to codes governing RVs on residential streets in Burbank.

In response to complaints that RVs posed unsightly and often hazardous conditions on city streets, RV owners bemoaned the lack of available storage locations away from their homes and asserted that a proposed 24-hour permit to allow travelers to load and unload their vehicles imposed impractical time constraints.

When the issue went before the City Council in December, both RV owners and Traffic and Transportation Committee members voiced the desire to see proposed code changes return to the committee for further consideration before any recommendations went before the council.


Council members reported receiving numerous e-mails and other correspondence on both sides of the issue, concerns that will likely be aired at subsequent committee meetings. The matter is slated to return to the council in June.

Entertainment studios cut back workforce

9 The location of Warner Bros. Studios, NBC and the Disney Corp. in Burbank are among the staples that have earned the city the reputation of the "Media Capital of the World." But in 2006, studio workforce cutbacks — both inside and outside Burbank — begged the question of the future of entertainment powerhouses with a long history in Burbank.

During 2006, Warner Bros. laid off 200 workers, four months before Disney announced in December that 160 feature-animation employees would be let go due to slowing production schedules. In October, NBC officials said they would cut 700 jobs as a part of an attempt to shave $750 million from its budget expenditures in 2008. It is still unclear how many jobs will directly impact Burbank.

Economists said that media-related workforce cutbacks reflected a larger entertainment-industry trend of a "sliming down" in production.

Krekorian takes Assembly seat

10 Burbank Unified School District Trustee Paul Krekorian won the 43rd State Assembly District seat during the Nov. 7 Congressional election.

Krekorian, a Democrat, won termed-out Majority Leader Dario Frommer's seat with 62.9% of the vote.

He also beat Republican and Burbank resident Michael Agbaba, who won 30% of the vote. After winning the election, Krekorian spoke about the issues he would look into as a legislator.

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