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Artist's view of history

Winslow Homer's works of Civil War and America at play will go on exhibit on Friday at Forest Lawn Museum.

January 20, 2007|By Joyce Rudolph

"I hope families come visit and, of course, schools because it's history and an interesting way to learn about visual history."

The pieces have been on exhibit at the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, the Riverside Museum of Art and Monterey Museum of Art, but this is the first time in Los Angeles, Rhodes said.

Rhodes brought the exhibit to Glendale because the surrounding area is so heavily populated and draws a lot of people for business or pleasure, he said.


"I feel Forest Lawn Museum is a good location because it's a small museum, tight in space, but it draws well from the greater Los Angeles area," he said.

Rhodes' favorite piece is Snap-the-Whip, dated 1873. It shows a group of children playing outside a one-room schoolhouse. They are running around in a circle, and are going so fast that a child on the end has snapped off.

"It's really a gem to see," Rhodes said. "It speaks to nostalgia — back to your childhood."

From the artistic perspective, the detail he puts into the pieces is breathtaking, he said.

"In quality and popularity, he was head and shoulders above other engraving artists of the time," Rhodes said.

"He was never out of favor, and is truly America's favorite artist still today."

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