POLITICAL LANDSCAPE:Scott introduces map for college

February 24, 2007

State Sen. Jack Scott, whose district includes Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale, introduced the Early College Commitment Act of 2007 on Thursday.

The bill would help families and students prepare for college.

If passed, the legislation would create voluntary programs for local school districts to provide information on higher education and student aid.

The legislation would create a pledge for students and their parents or legal guardian to sign. The students would agree to meeting all the graduation requirements, completing the necessary preparatory work and complete the required paperwork for college.


In return, the state would provide a spot in a California Community College, the University of California or California State University, and financial aid.

The main thrust of the legislation is that it sets up an actual format so schools can introduce the path to higher education starting in middle school. It reinforces a centralized roadmap for getting to college and financial aid.

Smyth wants timely bond spending

State Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, who represents parts of Burbank and Glendale, is pushing for legislation that would funnel proceeds from the $19.9-billion transportation bond, which voters approved in November 2006, to projects that are ready for construction.

Funding projects that are primed to break ground will ensure that California residents will see a prompt return on their investment, he said.

As passed, the bonds set no project completion dates for various infrastructure projects throughout the state.

The legislation would direct the California Transportation Commission to establish deadlines for projects that are prepared for the construction phase.

Congressman gets thank you letters

Constituents of the 29th Congressional District were scheduled to deliver letters with the message, "You're the Decider" to Rep. Adam Schiff's Pasadena district office on Thursday, thanking him for voting against President George W. Bush's troop escalation in Iraq.

In the letter they urge him to work hard to bring U.S. troops home.

The letter writing began last week during 1,200 nationwide screenings of "Ground Truth," a film about the cost of war in Iraq.

MoveOn members planned to deliver cookies to thank Schiff for his leadership to end the war in Iraq.

Mayor bites back at City Council meeting

Mayor Todd Campbell had scathing words for the Burbank Leader at the tail end of Tuesday's City Council meeting.

His comments were in response to a Feb. 17-18 editorial that criticized his attack on council candidates Philip and Carolyn Berlin at the Feb. 13 meeting. The editorial challenged Campbell's discretion in lambasting the Berlins from the dais, where Campbell alleged that the Berlins set "political traps," "create and spread rumors" and "bite back whenever they are criticized."

Campbell, who leaves his council seat in April, recited three paragraphs from the editorial, "Tirade an alarming lack of discretion," spurted an irritated "Come on!" and complained that the newspaper's staff was sewing a Carolyn and Philip Berlin favoritism into an alleged editorial agenda.

The Leader has endorsed Carolyn Berlin and Anja Reinke for the council seats that will become vacant in April.

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