March 31, 2007

Debate needed on aspects of charter

The Burbank City Charter changes are far too important to consider without wide-ranging debate that covers all possible alternatives to the changes put forth. Many of the changes are in the name of modernization and efficiency.

All should be decided on the issues and with a tilt toward more democracy, not less.

I urge "No" votes on this set of charter changes on the basis that they reduce citizen input via the ballot box.


The city clerk and city treasurer should remain elected offices and the process for filling vacant City Council seats should remain as is. There should be a serious debate on two topics: Should the city attorney be elected? Should the city treasurer take over all audit functions for the city?



Candidate's record too much for voter

I find it ironic that City Council candidate Gary Bric says that he learned from his mistakes ("Candidate coping with record," March 21). When my husband, two friends and I went to his restaurant shortly after the California statewide smoking ban in all restaurants and bars, we found his restaurant (The Ramp) not to be in compliance.

I realize this is not a felony offense (just a minor misdemeanor), but what laws do we uphold? Just the ones we want, or all of them? I cannot vote for anyone who takes the laws of the land so lightly.

I certainly don't have an arrest record, my dad does not, my children do not, and my mom and my spouse do not. This man has a lengthy record for one who aspires to political office. When one of our friends went up to the bar to complain about the smoke being blown up our noses from the bar area, the bartenders blew us off totally.

I have no idea if Bric was there or not, but I know that he is responsible for his employees and they probably get their cues from him.



Candidate deserves chance to serve city

City Council candidate Gary Bric has more integrity than anyone I have ever known. He has lived in Burbank for 53 years, attended public schools and given back more to the city of Burbank than most ("Candidate coping with record," March 21).

His love for the city of Burbank, his continued support through his business to numerous charities and to public and private schools is to be commended. Four years ago, when Bric ran for the City Council, he disclosed his history to the city of Burbank and its community. He has always been up front and honest and has never hidden anything from anyone.

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