POLITICAL LANDSCAPE:Scott tries for funding boost

March 31, 2007

State Sen. Jack Scott pushed for an increase in state stipends for college professor aids at a Senate Committee on Education on Wednesday.

Under a current program, aspiring teachers that work as professor aids to college professors in California are eligible for $3,000 in state loans. For recipients who continue on as teachers, the loan is forgiven, Scott said.

The new bill, Senate Bill 193, would increase the stipend by $500.

"We need to look at all kinds of ways to increase the teacher pool and one of the best ways to do that is to capture student aids," said Scott, whose district includes Glendale and Burbank.


The bill was suspended on Wednesday because of a committee technicality that requires any bill with associated costs of more than $150,000 be sidelined for further review, Scott said. The bill is expected to cost about $700,000 he said.

"We've gotten a good response from the Department of Finance that they will recommend that the governor sign this," Scott said.

Under the existing stipend program, 92% of teacher aids that have received the grant have gone on to teach, he said.

Bill to expand recreation area

Rep. Adam Schiff, who represents Glendale and Burbank, has introduced a bill that would require the Department of the Interior to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of expanding the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Schiff wants to establish the feasibility of including in the recreation area other mountains and canyons in Southern California that are a part of the Rim of the Valley Corridor. The corridor includes mountains above the San Fernando and La Crescenta valleys, as well as areas above the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

Expanding the recreation area would enhance a Southern California landscape that reflects the balance of both development and preservation efforts, Schiff said.

A similar version of the bill gained the approval of both a House Resource Committee and the U.S. Senate, but did not make it to the president's desk for approval.

Teachers association makes endorsements

The Glendale Teachers Assn., which represents teachers throughout Glendale Unified School District, endorsed Vahe Peroomian and Christine Rodriguez for the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees on March 19. For the Glendale City Council, the association endorsed candidates John Drayman and Rafi Manoukian.

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