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TOWN:Benji and friend raise funds for library


April 04, 2007|By DAVID LAURELL

Following a question-and- answer session, Camp took his place behind a table to sign books and DVDs for fans, who then moved on to have their photos taken with Benji.

Four-year old Grace Poole and her mother, Lisa Poole, were among the first on line to get Joe's autograph and then snuggle with Benji. Among other local residents who came to meet Camp and Benji were Katerina Nale, Stormy Bookhard, Kristen and Riley Pickenpaugh, Lucy and Greg Maltby, Lex Perinion, Camille Gengania and Ferrie Adab.

Todd Jensen made a point to be there with his two young sons, Adian and Julian.

"I was 4 years old when the first Benji film came out," said Todd.

"Now I am giving my boys the chance to enjoy these films just like I did."

Camp, who graciously took time to visit with each person and pose for pictures, turned over the entire proceeds of the merchandise sold on Saturday to benefit the Friends of the Burbank Library.


The Burbank Reads Program is designed to build community by encouraging residents to read the same book. This year's selection, "Marley & Me," is John Grogan's heartwarming story of life and love with the world's worst dog.

"We have already checked out the book to over 500 and we're extremely excited about the feedback we have received," Cappocchi said.

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