April 28, 2007

Time to cover the littler leagues

I read the article about the Burbank High School boy's tennis team winning the first championship for the school in the Pacific League and was very happy to hear of their achievement ("Title is a first for Burbank," Wednesday).

But then I thought, wait a minute, does it mean the first for the tennis team or the first for the school?


I'd like to say, although not a varsity team, the Bulldog freshman football team won the Pacific League title as well. Not only the first Pacific League title but the first freshman football title. I believe that the freshman girl's volleyball team also won the Pacific League title for Burbank High School, too.

I hope in the coming seasons that the Leader starts to cover the lower divisions. These young athletes are the future varsity stars, work just as hard practicing and playing their game and deserve a little pat-on-the-back in print.

Just speaking for football, the title match-up between Coach Art Yanez's Indians and our Bulldogs, for not only the city bragging rights but for the league championship, would have been a great game to report on. I was happy to see that the Viking youth football league and the middle school track meets got some ink.

I hope it continues for all the other youth sports leagues and we see some for the junior varsity and freshman teams of our city's high schools, too. Thanks for your dedication to these student-athletes.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Wilke is Head Freshman Football Coach at Burbank High School.

Out-of-place building is an out-of-place vote

Regarding the story "Council ponders building," on Wednesday, I think it is too large for the neighborhood, but I'm sure the developers will grease some council member's palm. Also, Burbank allows its residents to build the biggest, ugliest stucco boxes they can possibly cram on their property, with no qualms at all. Burbank is becoming totally mansionized.

The small-town charm is vanishing, along with the trees our grandparents planted for shade and beauty, as bigger and bigger pink stucco boxes resplendent with Ionic columns, Moorish arches and marble for miles replace all the nice old neighborhoods.



Life won't be same in Magnolia Park

I am dead set against this building ("Council ponders building," Wednesday).

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