May 26, 2007

Some disrespect shown to memorial

I am proud to have made my home in Burbank for the past 30 years.

Each day I walk past the memorials that pay respect to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in service to our great nation. I am sorry to say that these memorials are being used by skateboarders and other types of disrespect. Also, weeds are growing between the bricks in the area of the "Eternal Flame" (in McCambridge Park) where the park abuts San Fernando Road.

We are paying those working in the park very good wages, benefits, insurance and retirement packages. Maybe Parks and Recreation management should leave the office once in a while to ensure that employees know and do their jobs.


Have we, as a city, become this disrespectful to those who fought and died for our country? I pray that's not the case.

Memorial Day is nearly here, so let's spruce things up and again show that we can honor those who paid dearly with their sacrifices for all of us.

I am proud to be a veteran who served our country during the Korean War.



Loving Burbank, even with all its faults

What years are you referring to when you compare Burbank then and now? From your commentary "It's no longer the city he remembers" May 16, Community Commentary it would seem you are talking of the 1950s or 1960s, since you mention serving in Vietnam and "our beloved Lockheed." That, sir, was a long time ago. How we all pine for our lost youth and glory days.

Last time I drove by Verdugo Park (yesterday), there were a lot of kids playing there, and guess what, I played sports and games there too in the late 1970s. Yes, traffic is a problem, but this is Southern California, Los Angeles County, where millions of people live, work and visit, so there is going to be some traffic. I agree it is a problem, but to suggest kids cannot go anywhere is a bit of a reach, as there are plenty of city facilities such as parks and pools available in each neighborhood.

Celebrities? I see Jay Leno on the weekends at the auto bookstore talking to us regular folk. I saw Huell Howser at the new Porto's and no one is bothering either of them, unless talking shop is a bother. Ron Howard is a mega-rich director now.

Magnolia Park, where I live, has had a "Holiday in the Park" festival for years during the Christmas season that keeps getting bigger and better. And there are carolers, business people out welcoming shoppers and great decorations and displays.

Crime? Sylmar has no drug arrests? The Los Angeles City Council doesn't fight/argue/debate the points of representative government and policy?

What you are lamenting is the loss of innocence everywhere and societal changes that affect every city in this country. I think your heart is in the right place, but not your head. It is sad that you chose to bash the present and only hearken back to the good old days you remember. You certainly were long winded enough to criticize the city, but are unable to provide answers that are "too obvious and long-winded to state here" to prove your point.

There are problems here, as there are in every city; however, writing sad diatribes won't accomplish much. I love Burbank with all its faults and benefits.



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