Burbank High School Class of 2007:Graduates cheer a new beginning

Burbank High School seniors graduate with high hopes, but the moment is mixed with memories of leaving campus behind.

June 09, 2007|By Rachel Kane

They piled into shuttles and trekked up a mountainside carrying flowers, balloons and well wishes for graduates of the Class of 2007.

Loved ones packed the Starlight Bowl in Burbank Friday night for Burbank High School's graduation.

Inside the bowl, they waited, dressed in blue caps and gowns, some wearing their honors cords and service learning medals, all ready to change their tassels from right to left.

"I'm excited because I'm the first person to graduate," Sosi Abrahamian, 17, said. Her name put her in first place to receive a handshake during the roll call portion of the ceremony.


Besides being the first to walk across the stage, Sosi was excited about everything after graduation and the new responsibilities of leaving high school, she said.

"I guess I am going to miss high school," Sosi said. "I'm never going to have that same experience again."

A blue and white banner hung over the stage with the Burbank High School Concert Band and Orchestra, district board members and school administrators sitting under it.

The band area was speckled with graduates who played their instruments wearing their robes, the last time they would play for a Burbank High event in their high school lives.

Some were ready to leave, others were tearful at the prospect, and Fred Zelaya, 17, was feeling a mixture of emotions, he said.

"I'm a little excited and at the same time a little scared," Fred said. "I think I'll get sad once it actually hits me that most of the people I used to hang out with I'm probably never going to see again."

Fred is headed to UC Riverside in the fall to study psychology and then law. He participated in mock trials at Burbank High and wants to become a lawyer in the public sector, working for a city as a district attorney.

College is also the next step for Ximena Sanchez, 17, who is the second sibling of four to graduate from high school. Her three brothers, many cousins, parents and grandparents came to see her graduate.

"We're very proud of her," Ximena's cousin, Sandra Rosales said. "It's extremely special."

Ximena's older brother, Jorge Sanchez, who did not graduate from high school but got his GED in prison, said he thinks his mistakes have been a big part of his sister's success.

"We're big influences," Sanchez said of himself and his brother. "We told her not to be like us. This is a really big deal."

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