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June 16, 2007

School was right on cord issue

Burbank High School administrators were right to deny the debate club from wearing their honors cords at graduation ("Club request spawns new campus rule," June 2). I vote no cords also. Leave that custom to college masters and doctorate awards.

I feel, as a teacher in high school for 32 years, that it is for that level of education.



Sound of freedom music to the ears

In reading Mailbag over the years, I have certainly seen a lot of whiney letters, but Jim Lane's tirade ("Low-flying craft was an offense," Mailbag, Wednesday) regarding the B-1B flyover certainly tops the list.


It's a wonder that the city survived that terrifying moment, let alone the Air Force Thunderbirds' flyover for Bob Hope's 90th birthday all those years ago. Back then, we thought it was the beginning of the End Times; mass panic in the streets, people screaming in terror, dogs and cats sleeping together.

A flyover for a World War II veteran's funeral is now somehow a massively disrupting event? Give me a break.

I can only imagine how the family of the veteran felt once they heard of Lane's complaints to his congressman, Forest Lawn, Blue Eagle, the Federal Aviation Administration, "radar approach control," Big Bird, etc.

Well, I, for one, congratulate them for their relative's service to his nation and to the U.S. Air Force for granting them the honor of a flyover. This is one Burbank resident who enjoys the sound of freedom no matter how loud it is as we approach our nation's Independence Day on July 4.



Power guzzlers don't deserve breaks

Regarding "City raises power stakes," on Saturday, there was a time when I would have applauded such a lofty goal. But after being a resident of Burbank for nearly 50 years and having politicians continually trying to circumvent and ignore the will of the voters, instead of hearing the hum of electricity, I hear a loud sucking sound of my hard-earned dollars disappearing from my pockets.

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