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GCC theater arts co-chair focuses on teaching students how to be capable actors, singers and dancers.

September 19, 2007|By Ann Kim

Even without the class, Burbank resident and GCC theater student Travis Riner said Farr’s playwriting background has rounded out her directing in his experience as an actor.

“She is very good at reading her actors and knowing what they need to get done,” Riner said. “She’s made a move over to directing and brought a lot of talent onto the stage with her [that is] more from a writing aspect than as a director simply telling you where you need to go — she’s good with characterization.”

In the winter, Farr’s students will also have the opportunity to contribute to a script in Randel’s original multimedia production, “This Is Not a Tree.”


It will offer students a chance to build their own play and add to the script and production, Randel said.

“For any actor, being involved in the writing of a play is fulfilling,” Randel said. “Whether [the students] are creating a slide show or hooking up computers that have live feed, it gives them an opportunity to be involved in the process, which is what theater is about: bringing people together, and we’re doing it in a very 21st-century way.”

Farr and Randel have also lined up two additional guest-directed plays, “Tartuffe: Born Again,” and “All My Sons.”

“I think it’s important to bring in top-name directors from our community in hopes that they can be resources and connections to students,” Farr said.

She also plans to continue developing strong relationships with her students, adding to their growth by giving suggestions and guidance.

“That creates the mentor-student relationship you can see sometimes in class,” Farr said.

“But when you are really immersed in a show or in a club, that’s where you see the mentor-student relationship flourish, and I’m glad I can contribute to that.”

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