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Art show displays a variety of works

A few professional artists join event on campus showing off what area students have been creating.

October 27, 2007|By Rachel Kane

John Burroughs High School students got some culture in between classes Friday.

Several visual, performing, music arts and career technical education students displayed their works from this semester at the school’s third annual Arts for All show on campus.

Students took some time in the morning and early afternoon to peruse photographs, sketches, mixed media, woodworking and painted artwork done by their peers.


“They tried to take that one away,” said Rebecca Yeretzian, 17, pointing to a pointillism portrait of her brother, flipping the bird with a grimace on his face.

The offending finger was hidden behind a piece of newspaper taped to the work.

“I just kind of free-handed it,” Rebecca said. “My concentration is propaganda.”

Rebecca’s table was full of artwork with a message.

A reworked Uncle Sam poster with the words “I want you to die” written on it and a pastel drawing of an obese man sitting at the counter of an all-you-can-eat restaurant were among a few of her topical works.

As students circled the quad and checked out the art, they asked questions of the artists sitting at tables behind their stuff.

“So cool,” said Anais Hayes, 15, as she looked over a book with sketches, collage work and stencils all over it — inside and out.

“I wish I could draw,” Anais said.

Skill level of the artists ranged from beginners to advanced.

“Everything displayed here is beginning artwork,” said Dena Williams, art structure teacher at Burroughs High School.

The day also included 13 professional, local artists who volunteered their time during the school’s lunch period to display, perform and create their art for students.

Jazz guitarist Doug MacDonald, visual artist Randall Williams and Warner Bros. Studios scenic design artist Mike Denering were among the professionals on campus.

The school will stay on an artistic roll today with its inaugural Arts Fair, presented by elected representatives of the sophomore class.

Some of the same student work from Friday will be featured, and some more advanced work will also be on sale.

Local, regional and student artists will contribute, and the sophomores will hold a $5 car wash from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the faculty parking lot — the same time the art fair is going on in the quad.

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