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December 01, 2007

Retailers will fall flat by end of the year

I expect sales will fall off after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ending in a mediocre year for retailers (“Stores hail healthy sales,” Nov. 28).

I hope that something is learned from this; namely, production, not consumerism, is the basis of a sound economy and economic policies are changed to reflect this.




A holiday season ‘a little closer to the truth’

I absolutely loved the letter in the Burbank Leader from Jesse L. Byers (“Holiday spirit missing from shopping scene,” Mailbag, Wednesday). I couldn’t agree more.

About 10 years ago, the commercialism of the holiday season began to bother me so badly that it actually inspired me to change my life. Up to that point, I had no spirituality and no belief in anything greater.

But the blatant, disgusting materialism of the season pushed me into seeking the true meaning of the holidays.

I knew in my heart that the true meaning couldn’t possibly be about luxury cars with big red ribbons around them, expensive jewelry, maxing out credit cards and schlepping through overcrowded malls.

Guess what I discovered? One has nothing to do with the other.

I can’t find one shred of evidence that suggested our great spiritual leaders from the past intended for us to express our love through shopping. So you will never see me shopping at 4 in the morning for a bargain, waiting in long lines for malls to open, or spending money I don’t have on presents during the holiday season. That to me is a prison that I have been lucky enough to be released from.

Now I just buy a few little things, put up a few decorations and instead spend my energy during this season being thankful for what I have and being a little more loving to those around me.

To me, that just feels a little closer to the truth.



Winter shelter not for Burbank’s armory

I am against the shelter at our armory (“County will let the city decide on shelter,” Wednesday).

I think it would be dangerous due to it being by the school and park.

It just seems convenient for Glendale to be doing renovation at their armory at this time, since they had a whole year to do it.



Glendale armory shouldn’t have to close

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