12-year-old arrested on battery charges

December 08, 2007|By Rachel Kane

BURBANK — A 12-year-old student at David Starr Jordan Middle School was arrested Tuesday on charges of battery after a lunchtime fight.

Two eighth-grade students were involved in the fist fight, which was over a bag of potato chips, Burbank Police Sgt. Thor Merich said.

“What happened is the first kid, the aggressor, asked the victim for some of his lunch food,” Merich said. “The victim said no, and then that’s when the fight started.”


Only the boy who allegedly started the fight was arrested, but both boys and some witnesses were detained and questioned in the school’s main office.

Police were called to campus to question the children, and after the events were recounted the boy was released to his parents.

Burbank Unified School District officials would not comment on the incident or punishment the student could face for the fight.

The student was cited and given a court date to appear in juvenile court in Pasadena.

Merich said the police report indicated boy was apologetic and remorseful. Neither student was seriously injured, but the arrested boy could face several punishments by the court.

“They have a lot of leeway with what they could do,” Merich said.

“The judge has a wide variety of remedies for this. It could just be counseling, it could be some type of fine or community service.”

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