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December 29, 2007

“It’s unthinkable that something like that happened here,” said Luis Robles, 42, who was in his apartment next door when the he first heard gunfire. “I was in shock.”

Writers’ strike affects community

4 On Nov. 5, members of the Writers Guild of America turned in their pens for picket signs to strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, attempting to wrest more DVD residuals and a better pay structure for Internet media projects.

Demonstrations in front of three of Burbank’s major studios — Walt Disney, NBC and Warner Bros. — brought out hundreds of writers, celebrities and one high-profile politician.


In front of NBC Studios on Nov. 16, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards proclaimed his support to a crowd of more than 600.

The writers guild staged protests around Los Angeles County in attempt to sway public opinion.

It seemed to have its intended effect.

On Nov. 14, a Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business poll found that nearly two-thirds of all Americans sided with the writers.

But talks between the sides yielded little in the way of results and broke down Dec. 7 after the producers said they would not hold anymore negotiations with the writers union unless it dropped proposals that included authorization to join strikes of other labor organizations and full control over reality television and animation projects.

Local businesses and the Burbank economy felt the strain as the strike continued.

The two sides have not formally met since, even as Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien — both members of the writers guild — returned to work Jan. 2.

Election stirs up dais in ‘dirty’ campaign

5 The election of Gary Bric and Anja Reinke to two open City Council seats in April followed a heated campaign that many political observers called the dirtiest in recent memory.

February’s primary nominating election narrowed a pool of seven candidates to four, pitting Burbank couple Philip and Carolyn Berlin, who ran a joint campaign, against Bric and Reinke.

About a week before the mail-in ballot deadline, political hit pieces targeting Bric and Reinke started showing up in Burbank mailboxes, spurring questions about who was behind the mailers.

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