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December 29, 2007

But the mailer did little to change the outcome of the race and the four candidates finished in the same order as they did in the primary election, a fact Bric and Reinke did not fail to point out during post-election comments.

Bric, in his fourth bid for a council seat, was the top vote-getter, edging out Reinke by 15 votes. Bric and Reinke captured 63% and 62% of the vote respectively. Carolyn Berlin received 33% of the vote and Philip Berlin finished with 32%.

The 2007 election also put before voters five amendments to the city’s 90-year-old charter, which serves as a blueprint for local government.


The measures were recommended by the 15-member Charter Review Committee, which the council created in November 2005 to review the document.

Voters approved three measures, one that enables City Council members to appoint a replacement for a council vacancy no matter how many months are remaining in the term of the seat.

The committee recommended the change to eliminate the need for a costly and time-consuming special election.

A measure was also approved that gives the council the ability to pass and amend budget items by a majority, rather than a four-fifths vote.

The committee made that recommendation in order to give the council the ability to conduct business in the absence of a council member.

The last measure approved by voters effectuated other minor changes to the Charter, including cleaning up archaic language and incorporating the duties of the Police Commission, an oversight body, in the Charter’s text.

But voters largely rejected two measures that would have made the city’s clerk and treasurer posts appointed, rather than elected, positions.

Opponents of the measures contended that they would have removed voters’ ability to decide the fate of two important city positions.

NBC set to move from Burbank

6 More than 56 years after it was founded in Burbank, NBC announced on Oct. 11 that the studio will leave its home on Olive Avenue for Universal City by 2011.

The move will include “The Tonight Show” studios, long a staple of Burbank as long lines waited to see Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

All news operations, including KNBC, Spanish language television KVEA and “Access Hollywood,” will also relocate to Universal City, NBC announced.

The network plans to build a multilevel, environmentally friendly production facility across the street from Universal Studios.

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