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The Top 10 Stories Of The Year

December 29, 2007

Kim Allender, the teachers association co-president at the time, called the district’s decision to halt negotiations and the call for an impasse an insult and an affront.

The district requested the Public Employment Relations Board of California to provide a mediator after Burbank teachers packed City Council Chambers to protest the district’s position during a board of education meeting.

The teachers association was asking for a 6% to 8% raise.

Almost two months later, after teachers picketed and protested outside of City Hall on board meeting nights, the district and the Burbank Teachers Assn. reached an agreement.


The teachers’ salary increase varied between 4% to 7.25% over six pay columns, depending on teaching experience and education, with the most experienced and educated teachers receiving the highest raises.

The raise cost the district about $4.5 million with the agreement including financial compensation, increased planning time for third-grade teachers and increased health benefits.

New airport baggage facility

9 City officials approved a new baggage facility at Bob Hope Airport in November that some residents considered a direct violation of the development agreement that governs against terminal expansion.

The facility will house a new, state-of-the-art $2.5-million explosive-detection device and conveyor system that is faster and more efficient than the outdated security system currently being used in Terminal B, airport Police Chief Ed Skvarna said.

The planned facility was not without concerns from residents who felt the facility represented an expansion, which, if true, violates the airport’s 2005 development agreement with the city.

To alleviate those legal concerns, the city commissioned a report from a law firm to see whether the new facility satisfies terms of the agreement.

The firm, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell, stated in a memorandum that the application is for a project that is consistent with the development agreement.

Administrator and district face lawsuit

10 A Burbank Unified School District administrator and a secretary found themselves embroiled in the beginnings of a legal battle over allegations of sexual harassment this year.

Danielle Baez, the school district secretary who filed the lawsuit, alleged in her complaint, filed June 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court, that Craig Jellison, senior director of facilities, repeatedly sent her sexually explicit e-mails beginning in December 2005.

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