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December 29, 2007

Baez also alleged that Jellison sexually assaulted her in the district’s facilities building in late July 2006, locking her in his office and making unwanted advances.

Jellison had received a pay cut of almost $9,000, a title change from facilities officer to senior director of facilities a few weeks before the lawsuit was filed.

The district also shortened Jellison’s contract to end June 30, 2008, from its previous version, which had him employed with the district until June 30, 2010.


In response to the suit, the district filed a motion with the court in late September to have it thrown out on the grounds that it was frivolous in nature.

After a hearing on the case, the judge denied the district’s request asking for Baez’s lawyers to qualify some of the suit’s contentions before the case could move forward.

Baez has not returned to her job since she took medical leave in March citing emotional distress, and she is seeking an undisclosed amount of financial restitution from the district.

Jellison remains at his post.


Council approves winter shelter

A winter shelter at the Burbank National Guard Armory opened Dec. 12, galvanizing public opinion after Glendale announced its National Guard facility would be closed for repairs.

At a Dec. 4 Burbank City Council meeting, a stream of mostly supportive speakers representing community interests, faith groups and business factions lauded the shelter’s proposed site and brushed aside worries that its proximity to Providencia Elementary School and Pacific Park would pose a safety risk.

Detractors said the opposite, voicing concern that the shelter would endanger children at the school and park.

Attendance at the shelter has steadily risen since its opening from a first night where just six guests attended to a recent night where more than 50 guests stayed the night.

Seller makes a profit off city deal

City Council members were in disbelief in March when a speaker exposed the details of a December 2006 city real estate transaction that brought a windfall profit for the seller.

In December 2006, the Burbank Housing Corp. — a nonprofit agency that buys and rehabilitates residential properties for affordable housing — entered into a $1.4-million purchase agreement with property owner David Augustine of Burbank Properties, LLC, for a two-story, eight-unit complex on Verdugo Avenue. The council approved the agreement by a 4-1 vote at its Jan. 23 meeting.

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