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Burbank City Council Meeting Preview

January 05, 2008


The following items will be discussed at Tuesday’s Burbank City Council meeting:

The council is slated to consider purchasing a two-year renewable energy certificate a company that helps organizations and city governments reduce their carbon footprint.

One requirement of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification strategy adopted by the council as part of the Community Services Building project is that at least 50% of the anticipated annual electrical energy consumption be provided from a renewable source.


To meet this requirement, staff members are recommending engaging in a minimum two-year renewable energy contract in the amount of $4,865.


The council is expected to purchase the certificate.

The council will consider repairing two concrete sections of sidewalk in Burbank. The first area, in the northwest corner of the city is bounded by Buena Vista Street, city boundaries to the north and west, Amherst Drive on the east, and Empire Avenue and San Fernando Boulevard on the south.

The second area is bounded by Main Street and Victory Boulevard on the west, the city’s southern boundary, Kenneth Road on the east and Magnolia Boulevard on the north.

This is the fifth year of the city’s 10-year sidewalk repair program.

This program provides for repair of concrete infrastructure primarily within two of the city’s 20 public works maintenance sections every year.


The council will likely give the go-ahead to construction, which is expected to start in February and will cost about $1 million.

The council will consider creating a new classification inside the Burbank Fire Department for deputy fire marshal.

The responsibilities of the deputy would include managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Fire Prevention Bureau, which includes overseeing the enforcement of federal, state and local laws pertaining to the prevention and control of fires, assisting in the investigation of hazardous materials incidents, and other duties.


Staff members are requesting that the council approve the new position, for which salary range would be set between about $1,600 and $2,000 a week.

The council is slated to consider allocating more than $35,000 to review the forthcoming environmental impact report for a proposed pipeline set to run through a sliver of Burbank.

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