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June 14, 2008

Council made a good decision on pool

Kudos to the Burbank City Council for its recent decision to extend our inadequately short swimming season by an extra two months.

McCambridge Park Pool will now be open for lap swimming during the evenings and on weekends, and family as well as recreational swimming will also be available on weekends to the end of October.


This is a small step in the right direction.

At the June 24 council meeting, council members will discuss its priority goals, which will include the development of a year-round aquatics program, as well as the design and funding options for new aquatic facilities to replace our aging McCambridge and Verdugo pools.

I would love to see the city of Burbank build an all-inclusive aquatic center along the lines of what Lompoc and La Mirada have done with programs for all ages, all-year round.

If you agree, please take a few minutes to e-mail the council or better yet, come out on June 24 and let your voice be heard.




We should vote incumbents out

Your points about citizens getting more involved in politics are very well taken (“Election season short on candidates,” Editorial, June 7). Burbank voters should be more engaged during all elections, not just in the current races.

But with all due respect, I think that you should review Politics 101.

If voters are disgusted with these outrageous gasoline prices and if they believe that the economy is faltering, then the only effective way to send the message that the incumbents have failed them is to vote those same incumbents out of office.

Simply choosing a new member of the incumbent party does not send a message of disapproval to anyone.




City of Burbank really needs its own T-shirt

Whenever I fly out from the Bob Hope Airport, I cross my fingers and hope I’ll find a Burbank T-shirt in one of the airport shops. So far, I have been disappointed. Is there such a thing as a Burbank T-shirt?

Perhaps Burbank businesses would consider sponsoring a Burbank T-shirt design contest.

With the wonderful diversity of residents in this city, there must be a ton of creative people who would love the opportunity to take part in a Burbank T-shirt design contest.

Burbank residents could be not only the designers, but the ones to vote on several designs to appear on the shirts.

Visitors to our city would enjoy the T-shirts, too.

And perhaps a portion of T-shirt sales could help support the Burbank Animal Shelter where many of our pets were adopted.

I have lived in Burbank since 1996, worked in Burbank, shopped and dined in Burbank.

Where else could I leave my home and see Jay Leno cruise past me in one of his crazy cars?

Or be on my way to the supermarket and see a film crew setting up for a movie or TV show?

Sure, we complain about the air in Burbank, argue over which stores deserve square footage in our neighborhoods, and balk at the increasingly frustrating traffic situation borne out of chronic development.

But hey — Burbank is our home and we balk, argue and complain because we love it here and care about our city and each other.

So, Burbank, what do you think? Doesn’t Burbank deserve its own cool T-shirts?



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