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Saying ‘I do’ at IKEA

Twenty couples agree to exchange vows in front of Burbank store to help celebrate release of new film ‘Mama Mia.’

July 19, 2008|By Alison Tully

After 50 years, Judy and Gene Rubin wanted to renew their vows and decided not to hold the romantic ceremony at a church, but in front of IKEA Burbank.

The Rubins were among 20 couples who renewed their vows, took part in a commitment ceremony or got married for the first time as part of IKEA’s “I do, I do, I do, I do, I do” event.

The ceremonies, which took place under disco balls and to the sounds of hit ABBA songs such as “Dancing Queen,” was in celebration of the opening of the film “Mama Mia!”based on songs of the 1970s Swedish pop group.


IKEA organized the inaugural event to honor their shared Swedish heritage with the musicians, IKEA spokesman Chad Nishimura said.

“I thought it would be a fun way to renew our marriage, with the price of oil and the war in Iraq going on, it’s nice to have some laughter,” said Judy Rubin, as she fastened a crowned wedding veil that read “Bride to Be.”

Burbank couple Krissie and Chris Vose wanted to get married after hearing that they were expecting two twin girls.

“I love ABBA and this way, we didn’t have to plan our wedding,” said Krissie Vose, as she got ready to pose for a family snapshot. “It’s also exciting to get all this attention, you feel like a celebrity.”

Reality television celebrities Trista and Ryan Sutter who got married after meeting on the reality show “The Bachelorette” served as best woman and man to the happy pairs.

“People might be cynical about getting married in such a public ceremony like we did, but there is something special about getting married in an unconventional way,” Ryan Sutter said.

After the ceremony, couples took home a $500 IKEA gift card and watched a pre-screening of “Mama Mia!” with their family and friends.

Bride Dina Reyes was shocked when she learned that her partner, Chas Ridder, signed the pair up.

“I had Chas’s cell phone for the day so when they called to tell her the news, I answered the phone,” said Reyes, who joined with her partner in a commitment ceremony. “I was taken aback, but I was really into the idea.”

Phoenix resident John Beranich flew in to watch his daughter, Kara, renew her vows.

She and her husband got married three days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Because the airports were closed, close to one-third of their guests missed the wedding, he said.

“She called us to tell us to come out to California but wouldn’t tell us why,” Beranich said. “Finally she fessed up and told us, I think it is a great way to celebrate their marriage all over again.”

 ALISON TULLY covers City Hall and public safety. She may be reached at (818) 637-3242 or by e-mail at  ALISON TULLY covers City Hall and public safety. She may be reached at (818) 637-3242 or by e-mail at

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