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Roll out the car pets

Vehicle enthusiasts get their thrills checking out classic Chevrolets at local dealership’s show.

September 17, 2008|By Joyce Rudolph

Spectators were in Chevrolet heaven Sunday when the Community Chevrolet dealership had its eighth annual All Chevy Car Show.

Yoliany Forero of Burbank was there for three hours earlier that morning and brought his son, Sebastian, back with him later.

“I want him to be involved in old cars,” Forero said. “That’s what he can get from his dad’s memory.”

Forero wants to buy a car so he and Sebastian can work on it together.

“I love old cars,” Forero said. “There is a lot to learn. You can do a lot of modifications to make it a nice display car to show at car shows.”


Sebastian is hoping to get a 1969 Chevy Nova.

“I like the styling,” he said.

The show was organized by Fred Bell, general manager of the Burbank dealership, along with members of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Inc., San Fernando Valley Region.

“It has expanded every year,” Bell said, adding that only 34 to 40 vehicles were in the first show. This year, 91 cars and trucks ranging from 1911 to 1983 were entered, said Gloria Palazzo, deputy judge.

“The car show is for Chevrolets only,” Bell said. “It celebrates the history of the Chevrolet vehicle. We’re coming up on our 50th anniversary here in Burbank.”

Car shows encourage people to restore classic vehicles, said Steve Rosenberg, a charter member of the car club.

“It keeps their rolling art on exhibit,” he said.

One of the rarest cars in the show was a 1918 with the original factory V-8 engine, said Larry Pearson of Burbank, show chairman.

Only a few of the experimental cars were made, Pearson said. Cars didn’t have V-8 engines again until 1955, he said.

Carl Abejon of Burbank was so taken by the members and the cars in the show that he planned to join the club Sunday.

“A week ago I talked to the club and they asked me to show my car, a 1956 Chevy station wagon,” he said. “I just finished restoring it.”

The members talk about cars and are very knowledgeable, and most of them work on their own cars, he said.

“The guys are fun, and they are trying to keep their Chevrolet heritage alive,” Abejon said.

This is his second Chevrolet to restore, he said. It has an Iroc 28 engine, transmission and rear end, and the front end is out of a Corvette.

“So it steers like a Corvette and rides like a Cadillac,” Abejon said.

It took him 10 years to finish it.

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