October 08, 2008

A few questions for Rep. Adam Schiff

I would be delighted to have these answered by Rep. Adam Schiff before the election.

Congressman, if, as seems likely, Sen. Barack Obama is elected president, will you call on him to retain all current federal prosecutors? If any are replaced, will you call for an investigation of the decision to do so?

Congressman, Obama has pledged to withdraw from Iraq and escalate the war in Afghanistan. Will you withhold support for such an escalation until he defines “victory,” sets “benchmarks” for the Kabul government, and provides an “exit strategy,” including a timetable for withdrawal?


You’ve shown during the last several years that these issues are important to you. I’m looking forward to your responses.




Stranger danger alive at schools

How many of you think there’s a stay-clear or safe zone around middle schools? I mean a zone of at least 500 feet from school grounds where strangers can’t approach the students.

Well, there is no zone. I know because something happened recently as school let out at Jordan Middle School. I won’t say what the strangers did because that’s not my point. The point is that total strangers standing on the sidewalk and not on school property can proposition children at the school.

There must be some constitutional grounds for this atrocity. Otherwise, something would be in place to protect the kids. The Burbank Unified School District has taken action to make schools tobacco-free zones. They also claim that schools are drug-free zones.

But, for some reason, complete strangers approaching kids at the school door is totally appropriate. No screening of these people. No contact information taken from them by school officials just in case there is a lingering problem.

I guess I shouldn’t blame the strangers. After all, it’s a marketing bonanza for them. No expensive advertising costs. No parental consent needed. Just stand outside the school doors and go directly to the naive, innocent children. If controversial materials are distributed, no problem because it’s totally legal. And hey, there may be a big bonus for you. Befriend a child who has a horrible home life or is lonely, and you can make the first move in becoming that child’s best friend.

We all know what child predators, terrorists and evil people look like, don’t we? So, if the strangers are conservatively dressed, senior citizens or men who look like priests, that’s just fine.

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