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In Theory:

Dealing with a pregnancy pact

October 18, 2008

I would suggest that the school committee do some serious soul-searching and introduce methods of learning that will thoroughly change the attitude of the student body. A good start would be a daily moment of silence that would compel these kids to reflect upon their responsibility to others and the need to reject selfish, shortsighted acts such as the pregnancy pact.


Chabad Jewish Center


It would seem to me that since the words “with parental permission” were included, the committee was right to give the school the authority to hand out contraceptives. In a perfect world, only families would handle the issue of premarital sex among their children.


But it’s not a perfect world, and teen pregnancies cost society something, not only families.

The truth of the matter is that some teens are going to have sex, no matter how “good” the family is that spawned them. So what could possibly be wrong with handing out contraceptives to teens in the hope that their usage will stop some pregnancies and some sexually transmitted diseases?

Those teens who have taken a pledge not to have sex until they are married aren’t going to use the contraceptives in any case; those who can’t wait for the chance to have sex might be spared an unwanted pregnancy or the scourge of venereal disease. Abstinence until marriage is a great goal, but for those who are not going to abstain, having contraceptives available is not only a good idea — it’s responsible social policy.


La Cañada Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

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