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November 01, 2008

Scary show is seasonal fun

Grace Hampton’s letter (“Autumn is red enough, thank you,” Mailbag, Oct. 22) tells us what the Stough Canyon Nature Center should be doing instead of having a “gory slasher show.”

The Nature Center has a full calendar every month of fun and interesting things to do, like weekly fitness hikes, full moon hikes, crafts, bird walks, earth science hikes and activities, wood carving, astronomy, a New Year’s Eve party — the list goes on.


Give us a break: It’s two nights a year for a fun Haunted Adventure.

The Nature Center staff and volunteers had a blast creating and making the event happen.

The approximately 1,000 people who bought tickets had a great time.

A lot of those people come year after year.

Hampton has some great ideas for fall activities including fall nature walks, photo contests, pumpkin- growing contests and a German-style Oktoberfest. (Beer at the Nature Center? Cool!)

Please join us at the Nature Center and be a volunteer to put your ideas into action. The Nature Center would be an empty building if it weren’t for the great people there. Be a part of it.



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