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Even texting can relay God’s word

November 08, 2008|By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN

It amazes me how the Word of God endures and holds true throughout generations, changes in society and progressions in technology.

Just as we no longer walk around in the garments and sandals they wore in biblical times, there are many practices we do not adhere to in our generation. But that does not change the truth of the Word of God.

How our generation has progressed, even in my lifetime. I recall when people first had cellphones, before I myself had need for one. I remember when texting on our cellphones became popular.


As a therapist, I have little time to talk between my patients.

I have found texting from my cellphone useful to check with Grandma on the welfare of my children between sessions.

I have also used the technology of texting to exchange Scriptures of encouragement during the day with friends, and I have also used it as a device of communication with other busy parents.

I have the value of not talking on the phone too much when my children are with me because I want my focus to be on them. But while cooking dinner for my family on a Friday night, I will receive a text of encouragement, or a lighthearted remark, which caused me to coin the term: “textainment.”

My friends love this phrase. Yes, parents can find creative ways to keep in contact with the outside world using technology without spending hours on the phone ignoring their kids.

This form of technology has been a blessing in my personal and professional life. I often text my girls love notes and prayers — and they are still young enough to think their mom is cool in doing this! It means so much to them, and they respond with loving words back.

Our Lord moves with the times. That does not mean that we join in the progression of sin in our society as life goes on, but we certainly can be a part of the times in a godly fashion. Jesus knew this was all coming; it is how we interact with the shifting eras and technology that God examines. Hebrews tells us: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8, Holy Bible, New International Version). Throw that Scripture in the next time you are engaging in some “textainment!”

 The Rev. KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN can be reached by e-mail at holyhouse9@ or by mail at Holy House Ministries c/o the Rev. Kimberlie Zakarian, M.S. La Vie Counseling Center, 650 Sierra Madre Villa, Suite 110, Pasadena, CA 91107.

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