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Changes to filming ordinance worry some

December 11, 2008|By Nalea J. Ko

Some residents stood at the podium urging City Council members to review the filming code thoroughly regardless of the time spent.

“I want to know, what’s the rush?” said Burbank resident Rose Prouser.

She questioned who authored the bill after seeing Police Chief Tim Stehr’s name on the draft.

“Ordinances should be drafted by lawyers and should be reinforced by the police and not vice versa,” Prouser said.

In response to Prouser’s testimony, incoming City Manager Mike Flad said the ordinance has been under review for over a year. He also indicated that the ordinance was crafted by the city attorney’s office.


The City Council will vote on the issue next week after amendments to the language in the ordinance have been made, particularly wording about hand-held cameras.

At the end of the night, some hoped City Council members would also consider public testimony and the interests of the city.

“We, Burbank, are the media capital of the world,” Cap said. “We need to set the standard and lead on this issue.”

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