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December 20, 2008

Let’s make Burbank a true movie town

Thank you for your article and good reporting concerning filming permits in Burbank (“Film ordinance approved,” Wednesday). I also appreciate your invitation to respond to the issue.

I’d like to see the city of Burbank be even more active in bringing stage and location shooting to the city.


New York City issues filming permits for free and provides complimentary police assistance. The trade-off is worth it in tourist dollars alone.

I recognize Burbank can’t really compete with New York City for dramatic filming vistas and backdrop, but the approach and attitude of supporting a relatively clean industry makes good business sense.

Why not encourage more filming here?

Are city residents willing to pay more in taxes and fees just so they won’t be slightly inconvenienced by well-managed traffic stoppage or some bright lights?

The city could insist (or encourage through greatly reduced permit fees) the use of biofuel generators that are now available and used on TV shows like “Mad Men.”

The opportunity for positive gain outweighs any downside of filming. Please encourage filming in Burbank.

Reduce filming permit fees and provide real help via the Police Department for productions that meet reasonable requirements (insurance and environmental cleanliness).

There are so many communities that have taken an aggressively resistant stance against filming; why not encourage the industry in a way that is good for the city and the film and TV industry?



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