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’Twas the day before Christmas …

December 24, 2008|By DAVID LAURELL

'Twas the day before Christmas, the last week of the year, and folks throughout Burbank have been spreading the cheer, at holiday parties with friends new and old, so go on, keep reading, as their stories are told.

While the chill of recession has America in its grips, Burbankers found warmth and respite from the financial storm by gathering with friends, family and colleagues for holiday parties.

The name Cusumano is well-known to anyone who has spent any time in Burbank. Brothers Chuck and Roger Cusumano, along with Chuck’s sons, Michael and Charlie Cusumano, head up their property management, development, construction and brokerage company.


This year the Cusumanos threw their holiday party at the Third and Olive restaurant where guests were entertained by crooner Douglas Roegiers. Among those in attendance were Caroline Cusumano; Mayor Dave Golonski; Vice Mayor Gary Bric and his wife, Shelly; Police Chief Tim Stehr and his wife, Barbara; former Burbank Mayors Bob Bowne, Mary Lou Howard and Vince Stefano; Bob Hope Airport Commissioner Don Brown; Planning Board member Greg Jackson and his wife, Carolyn and Dimples owner Sal Ferraro.

Others on hand included Lou and Tomme Lenz; Gary and Tracy Canfield; Jan Bartolo; Max Andrews; Ketih Sanneman; Boyd Flinders; Brian and Linda Bowman; J.J Connaughton; Dianne Bowne; Mary Lou Stefano; and Richard Raad.

Another holiday tradition in Burbank is a fundraiser at the home of Mayor Dave Golonski and his wife, Barbara Sykes. This annual event collects funds and toys for the children of the Kids International Foundation; the El Faro and Hacienda Orphanages of Tijuana, Mexico; the Five Acres Child and Family Services Agency; and the Burbank Coordinating Council’s Holiday Basket Program.

Among those who supported the cause while enjoying the cheer were U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff; former Mayors Michael Hastings and Jef Vander Borght; Rabbi Richard Flom and his wife, Lynne Kronzik; Fire Chief Tracy Pansini and his wife, Dana; Police Commissioner Claudia Bonis; Park Board members Todd Layfer, Garen Yegparian and Jess Talamantes; Burbank Water and Power General Manager Ron Davis and his wife, Cheryl, Water and Power board members Bob Olson and Tom Jamentz; and library trustees Lee Paysinger and Connie Wilson.

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