Dining Out:

A sweet treat from start to finish

February 14, 2009|By Christine Putnam

During President Clinton’s last official trip to Ireland, he stopped for lunch at a quaint, local pub. As he sat there eating his sandwich and drinking his ale, the lights suddenly went out.

The president sat motionless for a moment as a blackout engulfed the entire area. While the owners of the pub searched frantically for candles and the Secret Service grabbed flashlights, Clinton shrugged his shoulders and continued to enjoy his lunch as if nothing had happened.

While nothing out of the ordinary occurred during my recent luncheon at Bittersweet Café and Bakery in Burbank, I now understand how a delicious sandwich and beverage can keep you glued to your seat no matter what happens around you.


Burbank is no stranger when it comes to bakeries and coffee establishments. We definitely have plenty of choices for a coffee break. When I noticed that Krust had been replaced on West Verdugo Avenue with another bakery, I admit I was a little skeptical.

But I found that Bittersweet Café and Bakery has all of that old-world European feel without the expensive airfare and travel. From the moment you step inside, it’s like you have left Burbank and entered a quaint Parisian or Italian bistro. Check out the menu on an easel on top of the counter and place your order before taking a seat at one of the half a dozen tables.

On a rainy afternoon, we took our cups of coffee and sat by the window. On a warm sunny day, the outdoor seating would have been a great place to watch the traffic go by and, with a lot of imagination, pretend you are in Paris.

The menu is limited to five or six salads and the same number of sandwiches, but there is still enough variety to please almost everyone. When it comes to the salads, I think the traditional Cobb salad is their best effort. It had all of the typical ingredients, from chopped chicken to blue cheese and bacon bits to a fair amount of avocado. It comes tossed in a light mustard vinaigrette.

I added a little more olive oil and balsamic vinegar from the self-service counter because it did seem a little dry. Otherwise, I found the portion fair for the price ($10) for me or my mom, but probably not quite enough if I had taken Ron or another guy companion for lunch.

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